We achieve tangible, measurable results for global clients we believe in through creativity, passion, and teamwork. To do this, we are deliberately using our position as a member of the global DC community to enhance our projects and grow our hub.

Amy Zhang
Amy is currently in her first year at the School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University contemplating a major in International Economics with a certificate in International Development. She is passionate about education, non-profits, and economic development. In addition to working with DSO, she is involved with the UNICEF-Georgetown International Development Conference Committee and the research team of the Caravel, Georgetown's weekly international affairs newspaper.

Angela Qi
Angela is currently a freshman in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. As a passionate volunteer and creative thinker, Angela has been actively participating in the nonprofit organizations and one of her favorite experience is working as a student researcher on human rights topics in Cape Town, South Africa last summer. As a new member on the Client Management Lead team, she is grateful for the professional training that DSO provides and is thrilled to be a part of the DSO family.

Bethany Biszko
Bethany is a senior at Georgetown University, majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs in the School of Foreign Service. She is pursuing a concentration in Environment and Energy Policy and a certificate in International Development. Her involvement in DSO allows her to marry her intellectual passion for the development field with hands-on experience in project execution. Bethany has interned at CBS EcoMedia, the Akanksha Fund and Amnesty International's DC office. In her spare time, Bethany coxes for the men's heavyweight crew team on campus.

Christopher Holshouser
Christopher is an undergraduate at Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business, pursuing a double-major in Finance and Accounting. On campus, Christopher is a member of the Undergraduate Honor Council and a Trustee of the 1634 Society. With a firm belief in the need for grass-roots change and increased access to health and education, Christopher is excited to be able to work with DSO to create meaningful change.

Daphne Chen
Daphne is a junior at Georgetown University studying finance. She is interested in human empowerment as well as global women's right issues. She is extremely excited to be joining DSO to not only expand her knowledge of international issues and learn new skills, but also help make a meaningful impact on people's lives while doing so.

Ellen Singer
Ellen Singer is an undergraduate at Georgetown University. She anticipates majoring in history with minors in economics and Spanish. Ellen is currently partnering with students at the University of Toronto to launch a social sciences journal for youth to create a forum for globally-minded high school students. She has a passion for education and social justice; Ellen's ultimate goal is to work with nonprofits abroad to support labor equity, especially in post-colonial areas, with a focus on Latin America.

Febin Bellamy
Febin is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. He is majoring in finance with interests in management consulting and social entrepreneurship. Febin grew up in India and experienced first-hand the level of poverty that resides there—something he accredits shaping who he became. He aspires to establish and lead a non-profit organization that will alleviate poverty in underdeveloped countries, as well as aid orphanages and underprivileged kids who cannot fend for themselves.

Jesse Jacobs
My name is Jesse Jacobs and I am a sophomore at Georgetown University. I am a Government major with minors in Theology and Spanish. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I have interned at Toyota and Congress in the past. Additionally, I currently work as a student manager in the Student Center at Georgetown and am a news writer for the school paper, The Hoya. I have a passion for int'l relations and improving the world and I am hoping to put this into action during my time at DSO.

Julia Dignam
Julia is an undergraduate at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service. She is passionate about global economic development, health, and entrepreneurship. Julia hopes to impact the global community through policy development and international developmental projects.

Kathleen Guan
Kathleen is a freshman at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. Growing up in Canada, China, and Singapore fostered her passion for int'l affairs, economic development, & law. She has worked with a microfinance NGO in India, facilitated a youth conflict resolution conference in Sri Lanka, & published research on female trafficking in China. She leads a microfinance social venture that loans livestock & develops self-help groups for women in rural communities. In her spare time, she travels, collects vintage propaganda art, & pretends she knows how to use cameras.

Lucas Brooks
Lucas is a junior in the College at Georgetown studying Government. He is also an ROTC cadet, and passionate about education and non-profits. He is from Palo Alto, California, and spent two years at Claremont McKenna (CMC), including one semester working as an intern for an international development consulting firm, before transferring to Georgetown.

Laura Caro Ruiz
Laura is studying Int'l Politics with a concentration in Int'l Law at Georgetown University. She has interned for the U.S. Senate and worked for the Central American Youth Ambassadors & the English Language Fellowship, both State Department sponsored cultural programs. With interest in human rights work, global gender equality & international development, Laura hopes to someday work to remove barriers between girls & education abroad and assist with development projects in the world’s poorest regions. She is excited to gain the skills and experience through DSO!

Matthew Pressman
Matthew is a junior at Georgetown University majoring in International Economics. He is passionate about economic development, and is also involved with a student-run emerging markets investment club. Matthew is currently studying Mandarin, and in his free time, loves to travel, hike, and try new foods.

Maxine Yao
Maxine Yao is a freshman undergraduate at the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Hailing from the Philippines, Maxine has seen first-hand the effects of poverty and lack of education. She is passionate about financial inclusion, education and international economic development, and is looking forward to working with DSO to achieve sustainable development solutions for international non-profit organizations.

Sam Wolter
Sam Wolter is a junior at Georgetown University studying International Politics. With a concentration in International Security and a certificate in International Development, Sam is interested in how these two fields overlap and how innovative development strategies can promote greater security. In his free time, Sam is an avid music fan and an all-around pop culture geek.

Stephanie Huang
Stephanie Huang is a Sophomore studying Int'l Health at Georgetown University. Her interests in programming and graphic design led her to uptake a Computer Science minor. Director of Research for Georgetown Development Initiative and now a Student Consultant for DSO, Stephanie knows that she will gain invaluable experience working with the innovative and visionary DSO Team. Her ultimate goal is to combine her passion in development and global health with her interests in computer science to make a difference in the world.

Pittsburgh team
Engagement Leads

We focus on developing creative and innovative strategic solutions, including design and communication improvements. To do this, we are drawing on our distributed community to bring the best talents to our projects and produce maximum impact.

Ajay Ghadiyaram
Ajay currently works as a Cyber Security Engineer at a not-for profit technology firm. His interests lie in education, finance, sports, and technology. Ajay is excited to be a part of the DSO team and collaborate with a like-minded community of professionals and students to enhance international development causes.

Arlane Gordon-Bray
Arlane is the Executive Director of the Institute for Strategic Analysis (ISA) and managing senior researcher of the Center for International Relations and Politics at Carnegie Mellon University where she helps supports faculty members bringing their scientific research to bear upon problems of national security and manages a team conducting research on national security, counterterrorism, and other topics within international relations. Previously she has worked as an aviation and defense risk management consultant, as well as provided strategic management and planning consulting to the Attorney General’s Department of South Australia, the East African Community, and Pittsburgh community organizations. Arlane holds a B.A. in International Studies concentrating in World Politics and Policy from Virginia Tech and earned her Master’s of Public Policy and Management from the H. John Heinz III College at Carnegie Mellon University as a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow.

Brian Stack

Jason Choudhry
Jason is a Strategy & Business Development Manager at Previously, he was a management consultant for four years, during which he completed a six-month externship with TechnoServe in Zambia, helping drive private-sector led economic development across retail and agriculture industries. Jason is very passionate about capacity strengthening, government policies, and sustainability. Jason holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Binghamton University.

Kelly Mok

Kristina Jang
Kristina is currently a consultant at IBM. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in chemical engineering and biomedical engineering. She is passionate about developing sustainable solutions, especially regarding health, and she is excited to gain further consulting experience at DSO while applying those skills to help in international development.

Maria Rymer
Maria Rymer studied mechanical and biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. She is interested in work relating to human empowerment, the betterment of education, and raising awareness about human trafficking. She sincerely hopes that my time in DSO can help me gain more knowledge about the human condition, and help her have a positive impact on the world.

Marko Gudic
Marko Gudic's family is from Yugoslavia (Bosnian) and came to the U.S. as refugees. He was born in NYC in the Bronx and is a recent graduate from Pitt with a degree in politics, philosophy and economics, along with minors in applied statistics and Portuguese (including studying abroad in Brazil), and a global studies certificate. He is interested in international development from a policy perspective primarily within issues of poverty and governance.

Marlen Amaro
My name is Marlen Amaro & I am the Managing Director of DSO's Pittsburgh hub. I was born and raised in the boogie down Bronx, where my passion for human empowerment and int'l development was activated. I am interested in human empowerment, bridging knowledge gaps in underdeveloped communities, & poverty caused my information asymmetry & structural inequality. I am proud graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied Int'l Relations & Politics as well some Info Systems. Currently, I work at Microsoft as an Adoption & Change Management Consultant.

Jane Liu
My name is Jane Liu and I am currently an Interactive Experience and Mobile Business Consultant at IBM. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Business Administrations and a double major in Social and Decision Sciences. I’ve always been interested in giving back – I was the President of a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization back in Los Angeles, California where we helped underprivileged children in my area get the educational support / guidance they couldn’t afford. Since then, I’ve been actively involved in giveback work in college, IBM and DSO.

Jessica Aguero

Karthik Kumar
Karthik graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010 and currently works at Deloitte Consulting, LLP. He is passionate about improving the social ecosystems for Healthcare, Education, and the Environment through business and technology. He enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and volleyball.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill is a Senior Consultant at IBM. She graduated from Fordham University with a B.S. in Accounting. Since she read an HBS case study on Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Bank in her Social Entrepreneurship class, she became hooked on the dream of one day starting her own social enterprise. She is passionate about seeing the world, learning what she doesn't know, running, neuropsychology, and making people laugh. Sarah believes that vulnerability is an essential leadership quality and that there needs to be a greater emphasis on practicing sensitivity to the human condition in business.

Shubhangam Tekriwal

Sonia Siok
Sonia currently works as a technology consultant at Deloitte. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Public Policy and Management with an additional major in Statistics. She is passionate about finding long-term solutions in fields such as accessible healthcare, water sanitation, human rights, gender empowerment. Being involved with DSO has provided Sonia an opportunity to pursue her international development interests while sharpening her professional skills.

Sruthi Reddy
Sruthi is a Carnegie Mellon alum and is currently working at Fidelity Investments as a Systems Analyst. She is passionate about working on providing strategic long term solutions in the field of International Development. Working with DSO has provided Sruthi with an opportunity to pursue her interests and develop her professional skills.

Sharanya Venkat
Sharanya is a Carnegie Mellon alum and is currently working as an analyst for a multinational consulting firm.She is passionate about international development, particularly improving access to and quality of education, and providing affordable healthcare. She views DSO as a great forum for bringing together professionals and students to make a significant impact on their community while simultaneously advancing their professional skills.

Sheetal Laad
Hi, my name is Sheetal Laad. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Biology & Psychology with a minor in Business Administrations. I currently live in Chicago and work at IBM as a Management Consultant - Financial Services. I enjoy dancing and exploring the different restaurants in Chicago. I look forward to pursing my interests and developing my professional skills while working with the DSO!

Theodore Dasher

Wei Guo
Wei is currently a design engineer at Pratt & Whitney. When he is not designing jet engines at his day job, he volunteers with Engineers with Borders to develop a water pumping system for a rural community in Nepal. He is passionate about implementing innovative engineering solutions for developing communities and is grateful for the opportunity to continue building his international development experience with DSO.

We focus on developing creative and innovative strategic solutions, including design and communication improvements. To do this, we are drawing on our distributed community to bring the best talents to our projects and produce maximum impact.

Andrea Salomon

Grace Pan

Hannah Salinas

Sophia Cheng
Sophia is currently a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration with an additional major in Decision Science. On campus, she is currently the Vice President of the Undergraduate Consulting Club, business manager of The Tartan (CMU's student-run newspaper), and the digital marketing assistant of the Social and Decision Science Student Advisory Council. In the past, Sophia has worked as a research intern at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and spent two summers working with AT&T on the Sales & Operations team of AdWorks and on the Business Strategy and Planning team of the AT&T Entertainment Group.

Nina Joohyeung Yoo
Nina Joohyeung Yoo is a student at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Business Administration with an additional major in Decision Sciences. Born in Korea, she also lived in the Philippines and Australia, a background that has ignited her passion and interest in learning different languages and culture. So when she has free time, she devotes herself to learning Chinese and Japanese or watching various cultural documentaries. However, the academic side never solely defines who Nina is; She is also hugely into doing non-academic and social activities such as singing and many other! After being part of several consulting projects, she discovered her interest and passion in consulting. On top of that, instead of doing projects restricted to the boundary of her school, she has always aspired to take part in a project(s) that she can create a real-life impact. So... she decided to apply to DSO! Through working as a student consultant at DSO, Nina is hoping to learn more about the world and gain insightful experiences.

Peter Brady
Peter is a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Economics, with an additional major in International Relations. He is passionate about alleviating poverty by means of sustainable economic development. Through DSO, he hopes to apply his skills and internship experience to make a real, positive impact on people's lives. In his free time, Peter enjoys DJing and trying to produce music.

Radhika Amare
Radhika is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University. She is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. She is interested in causes such as education, female empowerment and domestic violence awareness. She is thrilled to be a part of DSO and to make an impact on people's lives. In her free time, she loves to try out new cuisines and travel to new places!

Satvika Neti
Satvika Neti is your average 21 year old that wants to change the world in every possible direction at once. She has extensive experience working in policy and politics and with various different kinds of organizations. She majored in international relations with double minors in policy & management and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and is working as a CORO Fellow in Pittsburgh building her skills in public affairs. Her favorite color is lime green, she has a lot of feelings about the constitution, and can usually be found in line for Chipotle.

Sophia Cheng
Sophia is currently a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration with an additional major in Decision Science. On campus, she is currently the Vice President of the Undergraduate Consulting Club, business manager of The Tartan (CMU's student-run newspaper), and the digital marketing assistant of the Social and Decision Science Student Advisory Council. In the past, Sophia has worked as a research intern at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and spent two summers working with AT&T on the Sales & Operations team of AdWorks and on the Business Strategy and Planning team of the AT&T Entertainment Group.

Shubhangam Tekriwal

Weikun Liang
I am an accelerated Master's in Human Computer Interaction student at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating in December 2016. I also completed my undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, with a B.S. in Information Systems and a double major in Human Computer Interaction. I am passionate about creating beautiful, user-centered designs for the products I build. I believe that a user-centered approach to design not only facilitates the user’s experience with the product, but also makes the process more enjoyable. In my free time, I am usually out exploring the city and finding new things to try out. I enjoy experiencing the city through food and fashion and I always look forward to increase my cultural exposure.

Yitian Feng
Yitian Feng is a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Statistics and Machine Learning, with a minor in Economics. He is graduating early and will be in Heinz studying Master in Information System - Business Intelligence and Data Analytics next year. Other than data, he also like singing. He's in a all-male South Asian A Cappella: Deewane who just released our new album-Kal. Check it out if you like Western-Bollywood music mix.

San Francisco/ Bay Area team
Engagement Leads

Clients include Made by Survivors 
We focus on developing technology and strategy solutions, focusing on human and women's empowerment. To do this, we are drawing on our vibrant technology community to bring the best of the Bay Area innovation to our non profit and social enterprise clients.

Anusha Sridharan
Anusha is a master graduate from Carnegie Mellon's Healthcare Management program. With a scientific & healthcare management background, Anusha is working within the tech innovation group at Merck & Co. as a Global Partnership & Data Strategist. Her diversified expertise in science, health management, & tech, has allowed her to think creatively in a large organizations. She is passionate about healthcare & bringing disruptive solutions to emerging markets. She is very excited to be part of DSO's community and to consult in the non-profit sector as well.

Anjana Tayi

Begum Erdogan

Deena Kim
Deena currently works as a consultant at UL Transaction Security, focusing on the implementation of all things related to payments and data security. She is based in the lovely city of Amsterdam and has been living in the Netherlands and Germany for the last 5 years. Though coming from a technical background of physics, Deena has always been passionate about people and her relationships with people served as a strong driving force for her to help others. She is excited to work on projects which are close to her heart especially regarding human and womens empowerment, education as a right for all, and policy making. On her free time she plays music, steals other people's recipes, listens to podcasts, and spends an unfortunate amount of time seeing a physiotherapist to recover from a sports injury.

Elizabeth Li
Lizzie is a UX designer and has designed for both large companies and early stage startups. She originally joined DSO as a student consultant at CMU, then moved to the Bay Area after graduation and became an EL on the SF team. Lizzie is passionate about social innovation, creative problem solving, and using technology to better the lives of those in need.

Lauren Swartz
Lauren is a Master’s graduate of Stanford’s Management Science & Engineering Program. Coming from a background at LinkedIn and Intel and with a BA in International Relations, it was DSO that gave her the opportunity to merge her experience in business technology with her passion for international economic development. She is currently Managing Director of the San Francisco team, helping to grow the SF branch on Stanford’s campus and continue engagement with the incredible non profit Made By Survivors.

Neha Kumar
Neha is currently a Product Manager at Oscar Insurance, a healthcare startup based in New York City. She holds a BBA from the University of Michigan with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. She hails from New Jersey, but growing up in India and the Middle East fostered her interest in the global community. Neha is passionate about the intersection between technology and international development, education and women empowerment and is excited to make an impact in these areas at DSO.

Puneet Puri
Puneet comes with several years of background in software development, system architecture and engineering management for a wide variety of technology-based products, such as communications switches and network management systems, web- and cloud-based applications, and data mining platforms. Having worked in big companies and startups, he has had the opportunity to contribute to and oversee several projects from the concept stage through implementation to deployment. He is passionate about applying technology to solve problems. At this point in his career and life, Puneet is particularly interested in using tehcnology to help solve some of the challenges that plague our world. He is excited about working with DSO in pursuit of this endeavor.

Sean Conners
Sean is currently a deal desk analyst at Box, working cross-functionally with sales, legal, and finance to drive sales efficiency and streamline processes. Prior to joining Box, he was a senior consultant at a healthcare consulting firm and also worked as an English teacher for a class of graduate students in Tanzania. Sean has a BA from UC Berkeley in Public Health & Public Policy and is passionate about international development, as well as the intersection of technology & health.

Sejal Pachisia
Sejal works as a Product Manager at Quantifind, a big data analytics company that finds insights from unstructured social media data. She also volunteers for the Prison University Project as an instructor, teaching critical reading & writing to prisoners at San Quentin. Previously, she has worked in management consulting, and did freelance consulting for non-profits through She loves discussing behavioral economics and criminal justice reform, and enjoys spending her free time swing dancing and kayaking.

Siddharth Dhulipalla
Siddharth is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. He currently works at Palantir in Palo Alto, CA as a Forward Deployed Engineer delivering data solutions to various customers across many verticals. In his spare time, Siddharth enjoys biking, watching movies and reading. He's looking forward to working on political policy and education problems as an Engagement Lead with DSO.

Tanushree Chellam
Tanu is a project management analyst in the Transformation and Risk team within IT at Credit Suisse. She cares deeply about human empowerment and equality, seeking to connect and inspire others to work towards their potential. Her passion for strategically improving efficiency extends into DSO, where her current focus is on client sourcing and development. Having been a part of DSO for 3 years, Tanu has found consulting in the non-profit sector to be very far-reaching and rewarding.

We focus on developing technology and strategy solutions, focusing on human and women's empowerment. To do this, we are drawing on our vibrant technology community to bring the best of the Bay Area innovation to our non profit and social enterprise clients.

Adriana Baird
Adriana is pursuing a Master's degree in Latin American Studies at Stanford, where she also completed her undergraduate degree in International Relations. In addition to studying political economics, Adriana is interested in the role of the private sector in stimulating equitable economic growth, particularly in Latin America. Most recently, she worked in International Affairs at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). In her free time, Adriana can be found skiing, reading, or eating ice cream with friends.

Alexander Wang
Alexander is a sophomore at Stanford University studying Computer Science and nothing else. Born in the US but raised in Hong Kong, where he helped found a student based charity to combat socio-economic discrimination. His interests stem from there into economic development and education.

Ana Urgiles
Ana is a senior pursuing a degree in political science with a specialization in political and economic development. She previously worked at a non-profit as a consultant helping launch an initiative in the field of nuclear security innovation. This experience deepened her interest in non-profit consulting and hopes to continue learning about this sector through DSO. Ana is also interested in security studies, tech for social good, democracy development, and human rights issues.

Angela Luo
Angela is an undergraduate student at Stanford University. She is interested in economics and public policy, and she is especially excited to be able to further her passion for consulting and international development through DSO. Outside of school, Angela is a competitive figure skater, a dancer, a writer, and a photographer.

Anna von Wendorff
Anna is an undergraduate at Stanford University, majoring in Economics. She coaches a youth soccer team, works at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and spent this past summer backpacking in Asia and teaching at a school in Southern India. Anna is very excited to join DSO!

April Jianto

Aviva Klein Meyers
Aviva is a sophomore at Stanford University, planning to major in Science, Technology, and Society or Earth Systems with minors in International Relations and Creative Writing. She is interested in the intersection of human and environmental sustainability and has worked on several international sustainable development projects. Through DSO, she hopes to add to her past experience with nonprofit work and community-based projects and learn new ways to pursue international development in her future career. Outside of class, Aviva loves to dance, read, and eat chocolate.

Ayushi Vig
Ayushi is a junior at Stanford University, studying International Relations and Psychology. She is interested in philanthropy as well as criminal justice and education reform, and hopes to become an international human rights lawyer. She is very excited to be at DSO!

Bradley Wo
Bradley Wo is a junior at Stanford University majoring in Science, Technology, and Society with a minor in mechanical engineering. In addition to business, he is also interested in philanthropy and the nonprofit world. Through DSO, he hopes to find ways to combine these two passions, engage with others in culturally humble ways, and create change together.

Catalina Ramirez-Saenz
Catalina is a currently a junior at Stanford University pursuing a double major in International Relations and Science, Technology, and Society. On campus, she is involved with international conference US-MEX FoCUS, an English teaching program called Habla, and the Stanford Latinx Business Association. She is interested in international development and the Latin American region. Catalina is looking forward to being a DSO team member to connect with passionate individuals with similar interests and gain professional experience.

Chloe Thai
Chloe is a sophomore at Stanford prospectively studying bioengineering. Interested in the intersection of health, tech, and entrepreneurship, she is most excited by the fields of biotech and biopharma. By participating in DSO, she hopes to expand her interest in international development, particularly through women's empowerment and drug development in developing countries. Outside of academics, Chloe enjoys travelling, exploring new restaurants, and blogging.

Christiana Lee
Christiana is a junior at Stanford University majoring in International Relations with a minor in Psychology. Her specialization is economic and social development and she hopes to use her education to further impact the social sector through DSO. Outside of her academic life, Christiana enjoys hiking, running, reading, tutoring, and baking.

Chung-Yan Leung
Chung-Yan is currently pursuing a Masters in International Policy Studies at Stanford University. Born in Hong Kong, Chung-Yan spent most of her school years in the United Kingdom and received her undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge. With an interest in Development Eocnomics, Chung-Yan has been an intern at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) in New York, and has also worked with Innovations for Poverty Action in Uganda carrying out randomized controlled trials on an agricultural project. She is greatly looking forward to broadening her international development experience with DSO.

Caitlin Lu
Caitlin is a student at Stanford University majoring in International Relations. She cares deeply about education and gender empowerment. Caitlin became involved with DSO because she felt it bridged perfectly her interest in consulting and development. At Stanford, she is on the varsity squash team and is the Director of Fundraising for the Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES), an organization that specializes in US-China issues.

Eric Chi
Eric is a student at Stanford University. Before college, Eric grew up in the city of Los Angeles, where he learned the importance of hard work and persistence in making any dream a reality. Just a sophomore, Eric is still figuring out which career path to pursue when he graduates.

Eric Li

Evelyn Tavares Colunga
Evelyn Tavares Colunga is a junior at Stanford University majoring in International Relations with concentrations in International Security and World Development/Economy. She is interested in international development and is excited to make an impact through DSO!

Irene Kim

Jaisel Sandhu
Jaisel Sandhu is currently a sophomore at Stanford University studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He is passionate about the intersection of these two fields and global service projects.

Janet Diaz
Janet is studying anthropology at Stanford University, and is committed to working with communities and nonprofits that promote education and advance women's rights. Her experience in international development comes from her travels and work with nonprofits such as the UN Foundation’s Girl Up campaign that advocates and fundraises for girls’ rights in developing nations. As she continues to work in international development, she hopes to further explore government and nonprofit partnerships.

Jason Wang
Jason is a sophomore at Stanford studying Mathematical and Computational Science with a concentration in Statistics. As a biotech enthusiast, he's interested in the intersection of health, tech, and entrepreneurship, and in particular how recent advancements in data science and computing can be tasked to solve important problems in healthcare. Through DSO, Jason hopes to gain exposure to this fascinating confluence of fields.

Jiayu Lou
Jiayu Lou is a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in Computer Science. Interested in both technology and consulting, she is hoping to seek both technical and business strategies to promote education and health in developing countries. Before joining DSO, she has been working as a market analyst for two E-commerce startups and is currently working as a consultant at Stanford Students in Applied Science(SSAR), a consulting organization that helps commercial companies to devise sustainable business plans. During her free time, she likes to spend time coding for mobile games with her friends.

Joshua Ling
Josh is currently a master's student in the International Comparative Education program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He previously taught math at a middle school in Fort Worth, Texas, which was an experience that shaped his passion of using education to empower both individuals and communities. His current research focus is on low-fee private schools in Kenya, and specifically, he's passionate about helping low-income families in developing countries.

Kevin Aguilera
Kevin Aguilera is a Junior at Stanford University majoring in Economics following a track in Development. On campus, Kevin is involved in US-Mex FoCUS, a student run organization that seeks to strengthen networks between university students across the United States and Mexico with the broader goal of creating engines of growth along cross-national lines. Having worked with various NGOs across a variety fields, Kevin has developed keen interests in education, health, and international economic development. Kevin is excited for the opportunity to develop his academic as well as professional skills by working with DSO.

Kristina Harris
Kristina is a studying International Relations and Urban studies, and is interested in the intersection of governance, development, and sustainability. She is looking forward to engaging with NGO's and learning about the diverse ways they choose to tackle issues of international development. When not in school, she enjoys reading, going on hikes, and discovering new places.

Laura Zhang
Laura is a sophomore studying Economics and Mathematical & Computational Science at Stanford University. Having been born in China and lived abroad in the Middle East, she is passionate about working on some of the problems facing young women across the world. Laura hopes to one day get her PhD in economics to focus on research based solutions to development policy problems. Outside of school, she likes biking, baking, and playing with her dog, Hugo.

Mark Walsh
Mark is currently pursuing a BA in Economics and an MA in Public Policy at Stanford University. Mark has worked for social sector organizations in the Solomon Islands, India and Ghana. In the future, Mark hopes to establish a career in international development and help reduce global poverty.

Michelle Li
Michelle is a sophomore studying Economics and International Relations at Stanford. She is passionate about the real-world application of skills learned in class, especially to enact tangible large-scale social change. Thus, she is very excited to be working with DSO! Outside of academics, Michelle is involved with the Stanford Economics Association and the Blyth Fund. She enjoys reading, piano-playing, and late-night baking.

Minkee Sohn

Natty Jumreornvong
Recently accepted into a medical school, Natty is a Human Biology at Stanford University. She co-founded an electronic health records non profit that operates in South East Asia for over 20 mobile clinics and for over 5000 patients. Natty hopes to pursue a career that integrates medicine, business and policy. Outside of school, she loves traveling and going through pictures of her 22 dogs, 13 cats and 2 water buffaloes.

Niklas Ostersmith
Niklas is an Undergraduate at Stanford majoring in Philosophy and is particularly interested in Aesthetics. Recently, he spent 7 months living in the Eastern Caribbean, fixing an old sailboat and sailing it between islands. This experience, among others, left him wondering how remote places can improve the quality of life, while doing so in a sustainable manner. He is excited to explore this and other topics in DSO.

Rachel Lee
Rachel is a student at Stanford University majoring in Economics. As a citizen of Hong Kong, Brazil, and Portugal, Rachel loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She is passionate about international development, particularly dealing with women's empowerment in developing countries, and is excited to learn and grow while making a tangible impact through DSO!

Rachel Lim

Radhika Kapoor

Ridhima Mishra
Ridhima is currently a freshman at Stanford University and hopes to pursue a degree in Human Biology with a focus on public health and global health. She enjoys devoting her time to volunteering with non-profits, learning about international development, and exploring the intersection of healthcare and technology. In her free time, she likes to travel, immerse herself in different cultures, and play tennis.

Rochelle Rouhani

Sarah Stebbins
Sarah Stebbins is a sophomore at Stanford majoring in Management Science and Engineering, and prospectively minoring in Spanish. She is passionate about economic and female empowerment, particularly using microfinance and social entrepreneurship as mechanisms to achieve these goals. She is excited to feed these passions further through her work in DSO. Outside of the classroom, Sarah is involved in Stanford Social Entrepreneurial Students' Association, Smart Women's Securities, Stanford Finance, and Club Lacrosse.

Sean Li
Sean is currently a sophomore at Stanford pursuing the Organizations, Technology, and Policy concentration within the Management Science & Engineering (MS&E) major, as well as a minor in Computer Science. Combining studies in both the social sciences as well as the technical, he is driven by the possibilities of global impact though their intersection. On campus, Sean is involved with Stanford Consulting, the Forum for American/Chinese Exchange, and the Stanford Economics Association, and enjoys shooting hoops, writing poetry, and exploring new places.

Sonal Goyal
Sonal is a student at Stanford majoring in Economics. She has explored her passion for development and social innovation through internships at the Stanford Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society, Ashoka Changemakers and volunteer work throughout high school. She is super excited for the opportunity to solve problems she deeply cares about through DSO!

Shaun Sun
Shaun Sun is a junior studying international relations and political science. He is passionate about social development and children's issues.

Sri Muppidi
Sri is a student at Stanford University, interested in majoring in Political Science or Economics. With a background in community development, Sri hopes to bring her experiences to DSO to create an impact on non-profits and communities. She also looks forward to gaining new skills that can prepare her for a career in the development sector. Sri loves to travel, eat assorted cupcakes, and lay in the grass.

Steven Wang
Steven is a student at Stanford University, interested in majoring in Economics or Computer Science. He is passionate about using cutting edge tech to solve real-world problems, which drove him to join DSO. Outside of academics, he is helping set up a pre-collegiate economics competition with the Stanford Economics Association and establish a health vertical under Stanford's annual hackathon. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and baseball.

Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen is a freshman at Stanford University, interested in majoring in Mathematics and Computational Science. In addition to science and tech, she is also passionate about the issues of social inequalities and international development. Through DSO, she hopes to have the chance to use data science to bring about significant social change, especially in the fields of education and financial empowerment.

Vanna Tran
Vanna Tran is a sophomore from Wichita, Kansas and is majoring in English and Economics at Stanford University. Growing up as a first-generation, low-income student, she has always been concerned with issues regarding social, economic, and educational equality. Her interests include all things theatre related, running, and flipping pancakes.

Rosie La Puma
Rosie La Puma is a junior at Stanford University majoring in International Relations with a minor in Creative Writing. Through DSO, she hopes to further explore her joint passions of international development and design to help both private and non-profit businesses run more efficiently and empathetically. Outside of class, Rosie enjoys making radio pieces through the Stanford Storytelling Project, playing viola and working as a tutor at Hume Writing Center.

Priya Chatwani
Priya is an undergraduate at Stanford University, pursuing a major in Symbolic Systems. On campus, Priya is a member of Stanford bhangra (Indian dance team), Frosh Council, and Model United Nations. She is a strong promoter of women empowerment and increased education access, and she is looking forward to learning more through her experience with DSO.

Qian Ju
Qian is currently a Master student in Int'l Comparative Education/Int'l Education Policy Analysis at Stanford Graduate School of Education. Before she came to Stanford, she worked for Ameson Educational Group (China) as an AP Micro/Macroeconomics teacher. She has also been to several Chinese public high schools and is passionate about education.

Stanley Xie
Stanley is a student at Stanford University studying Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. He is interested in social entrepreneurship and hopes to leverage his passion for problem solving to benefit the world around him. In his free time, he enjoys playing poker, working out, and hiking.

Yadanar Hnin
Yadanar is a junior majoring in Economics and Urban Studies at Stanford University. Having lived in Myanmar and Singapore, her contrasting experiences in the two countries with vastly different levels of development sparked her interest in economic development and non-profits. She is also passionate about efficient city planning and community building in developing nations.

Qitong Cao
Qitong is a sophomore at Stanford University studying Symbolic Systems and Political Science. He is passionate about pursing the connection between education and policy and became involved with DSO because of his strong interest in NGO development. At Stanford, he tutors writing and serves as Director of Programming at the Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES), an international organization focusing on promoting US-China relations. Outside class, he is on the jury of the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) and contributes on a freelance basis to such media outlets as The New York Times.

LA team
Engagement Leads

Bian Li
Bian Li is Founder and CEO of Grow and Scale LLC, a boutique consultancy empowering forward-thinking individuals and organizations to create brighter futures through creative educational and entrepreneurial collaborations, process improvement and strategic planning. As founder of The Hungry Futurist, Bian is passionate about global food security and agricultural development and speaks frequently around the world on the power of finance, partnerships and youth entrepreneurship to advance solutions for hunger and poverty.

Daniel Han
Dan is a Project Manager at City National Bank with a background in financial services, operational strategy, and management consulting. He is currently an engagement lead on the LA DSO team. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer with professional experience with a USAID contractor and the World Bank Group, Dan is looking to share his passion in international development with students and colleagues. Dan is interested in the areas of economic development, water and sanitation, human empowerment, youth education, and public health.

Edgar Ortiz
Edgar is a Master of Public Policy candidate in his second year at the University of Southern California. He completed his B.A. in Political Science at the University of La Verne in 2015. He is interested in the dual role that human empowerment and technology have on sustainable development, improvement of social capital/poverty alleviation, and more transparent governance and politics. In addition to this, he is also very passionate about environmental issues and safeguarding diverse ecosystems. He has experience working in the public and non-profit sectors. His primary regional interests lie in Latin America and East Asia. He is excited to take on projects that have a strong net positive impact on the lives of people all over the world in his role as a consultant with DSO. In his spare time, Edgar enjoys reading a good book, watching movies, travelling and exercising.

Elisa Morales
Elisa Morales is an international development practitioner and social impact strategist. She earned a MBA in Nonprofit Management and MA in Sustainable International Development from The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. Over the years she has immersed herself in learning the ins and outs of development work in order to better understand the root causes of global suffering while also exploring the role business can play in eliminating social injustice. As a result, her career is focused on program and strategy development and addressing potential management issues encountered by organizations whose mission is to help underserved and marginalized populations, or to achieve positive social impact and reduce inequities more broadly. She spends her days working to improve and advance cross-sector collaboration between the nonprofit and private sectors. The opportunity that exists at the intersection of business and social justice excites her, and she is committed to using her experience and education to make a measurable difference in this space.

Elizabeth Prosch
Elizabeth is a second-year Master of Public Policy candidate at the University of Southern California, interested in corporate social responsibility and gender equality. Elizabeth graduated from the University of Iowa with a BBA in Marketing and an International Business Certificate. In her free time she may be found engrossed in a podcast, cheering on her favorite sports teams, or sneaking in a workout.

Joshua Watson
Joshua D. Watson has deveoted his life to combat intolerance, injustice and indefference through domestic and international dialogue through adult and youth-focused prgrams that promore understanding, acceptance and equality. In May 2015, Watson earned a Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Pedagogy at Arizona State University (ASU). Beforehand, Watson obtained a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Education and Family & Human Development from ASU in 2013. Through the various state, national, and international organizations that Watson is involved with, he strives to help increase access to higher education by making the pathway to education more affordable, accessible, and attainable in the United States and abroad. Presently, Watson is pursuing an Ed.D in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California with a concentration in P-22 studies where he is on track to graduate in May of 2018. His research interests and passions are (but not limited to): *College readiness rhetoric (writing, math, engagement, & research) *Global higher education (sustainable education, developing countries, and international students) *Educational financing (financial aid, pell grants, student loans, federal/state aid) *Economics of higher education (domestic and international) *College affordability, accessibility, & attainability *Social education as it pertains to higher education? Additionally, Watson an active member of the National Education Association and the National Council on Higher Education, where he has served on various committees and governance. Watson is a member of the first multicultural-based fraternity, Epsilon Sigma Rho Fraternity, Inc where he has served in countless leadership capacities and has chartered a chapter. Lastly, he is a member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council Young Professionals and a founding member of the Social Pedagogy Association.

Kali Basman
As a United Nation’s fellow for Global Health and African Education, and Director of Partnerships for The Visionaria Network, Kali has long supported empowered education and sustainable development on a global scale. Current projects range from human centered design leadership and entrepreneurial curricula for indigenous women in Latin America, to market based student solutions to clean cookstove initiatives. She is interested in gender equality, air quality, and economic empowerment particularly within the Latin American context. Kali is currently pursuing a dual masters degree at UCLA in Environmental Global Public Health and Urban and Regional Planning.

Hannah Hsu
Hannah works in Consulting at Deloitte. Previously she worked at Humana in internal management consulting and immediately prior to that, worked at KPMG as a management consultant. Hannah is passionate about helping nonprofit organizations identify opportunities and plan for the future. She appreciates that DSO allows for ways to give back to the community locally and abroad. Currently she is Managing Director of the LA hub, helping to grow the hub into group of thriving leaders and students in the LA area.

Troy Browning
Troy is currently principal in Beacon Interactive Search and a 15-year veteran in technology search, organizational development and resource management. He is passionate about the harnessing of human potential and comes with a track record of assisting technology companies through next-stage growth transitions. Troy joined DSO in 2016 to assist with the launch of the LA Hub. He is excited to be participating in the building of the LA team and in the unleashing of ideas and technologies, tackling developing nation causes in innovative and meaningful ways.


Abhishek Shah
Abhishek is a graduate student at University of Southern California, studying Industrial & Systems Engineering. He is passionate to work with new projects in engineering and management. He likes market research and interpreting data. He has worked with business leaders and non-profit organizations to find out analytical requirements and involved in strategic planning.

Izma Shabbir

Seattle team

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