Anti Racism Resources

DSO stands with those who confront systemic and individual racial injustice. We are proud to support inspiring social impact organizations and we continue to listen, learn, and take actions that support necessary and enduring change.

As you continue in your journey, we’d like to share some questions, thoughts and resources that have been helpful in our journeys. We hope these will be helpful to you as well in these challenging times.

We welcome ideas and suggestions from our broader community. Contact with:

  1. Referrals to social enterprises & non-profits that could use pro-bono consulting support
  2. Ideas for meaningful action
  3. Anti-racist resources
  4. Interest in joining DSO

Learning Questions to Consider

Creating processes for progress:

  • How can you develop a safe space for listening, learning, and empathy?
  • How can you improve processes, practices, and address biases at work?
  • Can you improve the diversity of your teams, leadership, and partners?

Taking sustainable and meaningful action:

  • What is resonating with you as a way to respond and act?
  • What could real, lasting change be and feel like?
  • How can you support efforts towards racial equity, small business revitalization, police/criminal justice reform, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), inclusive economic development, and equity in education?

Supporting others accelerate impact:

  • How can you support those who exemplify anti-racism and inclusion and explicitly not support those who don’t?
  • Can you identify and support partners working to create educational opportunities, empower black communities, and combat racism?

Resources to Explore

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