DSO works with some of the brightest minds at universities around the United States. Students involved in DSO obtain the rare opportunity to solve real world problems with cross-sector professionals and have a significant impact on DSO’s partners and the communities they serve. Students are put front and center where what they say, do and deliver actually matters.

Why Should A Student Join DSO?

  • Real world work experience, including resume or portfolio building deliverables
  • Create an impact in the world of development and social impact
  • Get mentorship by professionals in industries you are interested

What Will I Do for DSO?

  • Projects are one or two semesters long with hands on experience

  • 5 to 10 hours a week of project work and meetings

  • Present and receive feedback from professionals and client partners

    DSO Students

Experienced Professionals

At DSO, professionals act as Engagement Leads or Advisors, leading projects at various hubs that work with recruited students and other professionals to get the projects done for our partners. Engagement Leads manage positive relationships with clients, ensure projects run smoothly, and mentor students. Advisors provide subject matter expertise on an ad hoc basis. We are open to remote work and collaboration - you don’t have to be in one of our hub locations to join DSO.

Why Should A Professional Join DSO?

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for local and international development
  • You who want to maximize social impact in solving the world’s biggest challenges
  • You want to grow as a leader in the intersection of social impact, business, and tech

What Will I Do for DSO?

  • Apply expertise from your day job to projects that make a global impact

  • Make a difference in a student’s career, through project guidance and mentorship

  • Coordinating with client and team members to ensure a successful engagement

  • Network with like-minded professionals and talented students

    DSO ELs


DSO sources engagements from organizations working in the local and international development market. We are always in search of partners who have projects that will impact the world.

What Can You Expect from DSO

  • Critical analysis, dedicated work and project management done by our teams of professionals and university students
  • Connect and forge bridges with private, academic, and civil sectors
  • High quality services for low cost (many engagements are done pro-bono)

How Does A DSO Project Work?

  • Meet with Engagement Leads to explain your project’s requirements and negotiate specific details
  • Meet at least twice monthly to provide feedback on deliverables and ensure the project is on track
  • At the end of the project provide critical feedback and schedule follow-up work if desired

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