DSO Design Thinking Workshop

DSO Design Thinking Workshop

Design thinking is a concept that has seen increased interest in DSO recently. Our professional volunteers have been introduced to frameworks and tools around implementing design thinking into project work. Companies such as SAP, Pariveda, and Ashoka have all contributed to an increasing awareness of design thinking. With many DSO members gaining new insights and knowledge about design thinking, we have launched an initiative to introduce design thinking concepts and tools to DSO project teams.

The national team spanning from San Francisco to Chicago to DC plans to run a workshop covering these core topics:

  1. The impact of introducing a human empathy driven consulting model for our clients. /2. A framework for implementing design thinking in a step-by-step manner. (Influenced by our professional organizations)


  1. Design thinking tools to facilitate conversations discussing the people aspect of our project work. Our goal for the greater national DSO organization is to improve our ability to consider the human aspect of all the work that we do. In the world of consulting, we are focused on helping others and solving problems, however we must not forget the importance of ensuring we are solving problems for people. Design thinking guides us to focus on solving the correct problem for the correct users.

Join us as DSO enters the world of design thinking!

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