Helping social entrepreneurs effectively launch their businesses | November 2018 DSO Update

Helping social entrepreneurs effectively launch their businesses | November 2018 DSO Update

Hello and Happy Fall!

In this report, we feature a project from our DC team with Bridge for Billions, a digital ecosystem that connects early-stage entrepreneurs to growth opportunities.

We thank you for your continued support as we grow our impact and nurture the wonderful community we are building together.

Featured Project

Bridge for Billions has a vision of helping social entrepreneurs around the world effectively launch their businesses by providing an online software that is accessible from anywhere in the world.  The platform functions as a digital workspace, matching entrepreneurs to subject matter experts, successful practitioners, and professionals. From there, entrepreneurs can share documents and analyze information, utilizing  business creation tools to help project development.

Our partnership with Bridge for Billions focused on identifying strategies to scale theirSoftware as a Service (SaaS) platform with corporations, foundations and universities. The team gathered its strategic insights through a customer analysis that included conversations with stakeholders, and surveys of existing and potential Bridge for Billions entrepreneurs. DSO took these insights, analysis of Bridge for Billions’ sales pipeline and platform experience, and an analysis of other best practice examples  to develop a set of strategic recommendations and next steps for each market segment -corporations, foundations and universities. These recommendations focused on building better customer and partner relationships, communicating a clear value proposition, and the importance of mentoring. As a result, Bridge for Billions was able to improve its value proposition to business customers and increase the number of entrepreneur partners and champions.

A Testimonial from Bridge for Billions

“Thank you so much for the work you provided us! We really enjoyed working and learning with you. We will recommend DSO to many of our social enterprises.”

– Pablo Santaeufemia , Co-Founder, Bridge for Billions

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