Our passionate, diverse, and accomplished DC Team! | November 2014 DSO Update

Our passionate, diverse, and accomplished DC Team! | November 2014 DSO Update

A glimpse of our DC team kickoff

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are grateful to attract and retain cream of the crop talent across our organization.

But what energizes us most is how passionate, accomplished and diverse our members are inside and outside of DSO. In this report, we will share testimonials from two returning students, feature an overview of our talent, share some of our proudest accomplishments, and discuss DSO’s next steps.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our team as much as we have!

Testimonials from two of our Student Consultants

“Working with DSO has been a tremendous learning experience. It has allowed me to sharpen my business skills while making a tangible impact on real-world business issues for clients committed to international development. The projects provide great exposure to top management with years of industry expertise, to mentors and professional volunteers committed to your personal and professional development, and to other students passionate about making a difference. I’m excited to learn and grow in another year with DSO!”

- Rachel, San Francisco

“My reasons for joining DSO soon turned into the reasons that I love being a part of DSO.  As a college student who’s goals were to break into the consulting industry, it was hard to gain the experience that firms usually look for as well as philanthropy that reaches further than just raising money. Through DSO I was able to gain experience through two projects which involved real life scenarios such as improving brand names and helping human trafficking NGOs move from a paper based system to an online system.  Being able to interact with clients and perform roles from requirements gathering to developing the actual app gave me deep insight into the industry that I was aiming to break into. Additionally it was great to see how our work benefits the client to be able to pursue their passions and help more people. The guidance and mentorship that I received from the amazing DSO leads enabled me to land a consulting job and gain a network of dedicated and passionate friends.”

- Sonum, Washington DC

Some of our proudest accomplishments

We have a heavyweight crew member, ROTC cadet, published poet, community builder, an “Engineer without Borders,” half-marathon runner, bakery business expert, co-founder of an international youth network and a history teacher. 

What’s next for DSO? 

Over the holiday season, DSO will be actively working on 4 main efforts.

  • Recruiting Experts - Experts are expected to volunteer 3-5 hours a month providing mentorship and project guidance based on their expertise (5+ years of experience). By the end of the year we are looking to bring on 5 new experts
  • Board Development - DSO is looking to bring on 2-3 new board members who would be able to help contribute towards DSO’s mission and current initiatives. We are looking for experienced professional (5+ years of experience) with a passion for international development and a proven track record of entrepreneurship, fundraising, client development, or organization management.  
  • Starting New Projects - We are grateful to have exceptional talent and are actively working on scoping 3 new projects for January. Our areas of expertise include digital and content marketing, financial sustainability, market research, human centered design, product development, and systems integration.
  • Sharing our point of view - In 2015, we will be more active sharing stories and results from our projects and team experiences. Follow us on Twitter and follow our blog to ensure you don’t miss anything.Our diverse academic background

Our diverse academic backgroundOur top four passion areas

Our top four passion areasOur top four skills

Our top four skills

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