Creating meaningful local impact | November 2016 DSO Update

In this report, we will share our initiatives to create local impact and apply our skillsets and experience to developing local and global partnerships

  • Symposium / case competition - Pittsburgh
  • DSO Labs - global
  • Local Impact challenge - DC

As an organization, we want to be sure that we are not only focused on helping our clients with the great work they do around the world but also strengthening the unique local communities in each of our hubs. Each city we work in has both specific and shared challenges.  We want to ensure that we are both empathetic to their specific needs as well as working to build ties with great local organizations.

Below we will look at a few initiatives at two of our hubs, as well as an organization wide initiative.

Featured Initiatives

Pittsburgh - Symposium / Case Competition

The Pittsburgh hub is looking forward to starting an annual event that would provide a platform for DSO and nonprofits/student orgs in the Greater Western PA region, helping to showcase and promote their work. In addition, by including a case competition the Pittsburgh hub would allow students and professionals the opportunity to get hands on and solve problems by partnering with local non-profits. We’re targeting a diverse audience, bringing together working professionals, college students, and non-profit leaders.

DC - Local Impact Challenge

The DC hub is working on a local impact challenge, starting with identifying problems in the DC community and researching organizations tackling these problems. By convening both local and global organizations in an experiential event to understand problems firsthand, we can work together to create solutions together in a hackathon format. After the event, we plan to continue to build partnerships and ideating opportunities for continued collaboration.

DSO Wide - DSO Labs

We are proud to introduce DSO Labs - our new in-house product development team dedicated to empowering the social sector and developing world through novel technology. DSO Labs will create digital products that:

  • Increase awareness or aid in development topics
  • Help nonprofits or social enterprises reach more underprivileged people
  • Directly improve the daily life of an underprivileged population

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