State of the Hub: Pittsburgh

State of the Hub: Pittsburgh

In this series, we will bring you a brief overview of the work being done in each hub, an introduction to new members, and post available opportunities to get involved.

The Pittsburgh hub is bustling with activity this Fall with new projects, new members, and continued discussions with nonprofits on potential projects. This year we’ve welcomed two new members to the team; Brian Stack and Martin Raja! Brian, a Pittsburgh native, and Martin, who is based in Milwaukee,are both joining us as Developers. Our team stands eight people strong and is continuing to grow with the recruitment of consultants with expertise in business, marketing, development, and technology.

The Pittsburgh hub is unique in that we are a “remote” hub that engages with volunteers across the country. Last year, the we were engaged on a marketing and cost analysis project for a startup non-profit, funded via Kickstarter, called The Atinga Project. During this time, the group focused on two things: first, identifying the costs to produce shoes crafted by artisans in Rwanda to be sold in the US market, and second, increasing the visibility of the startup.  The team had the opportunity to work alongside the CEO of The Atinga Project and engage him in providing effective solutions to address the company’s challenges.

This year, our hub has decided to focus on marketing, data-oriented, and technical projects.  Currently, our team is engaged with a nonprofit in the microfinance space, working on process improvement, recruitment recommendations, and providing a competitive analysis. We are excited for this partnership and the improvements we will be able to realize once our project is complete.

Among the exciting activities we have immediately planned, is our upcoming yearly retreat. Every year, the Pittsburgh hub comes together in the winter to host a retreat with a focus on outlining our upcoming strategy, providing opportunities for personal and professional development for our students and professionals, and building relationships between our volunteers. Below we have included a picture from last year’s. With this upcoming Winter Retreat, we are looking to carry forward the hub’s momentum into the new year!

In keeping with the hub’s goals, members of our team have been focused on cultivating strong client relationships with agencies and organizations that align with the group’s interests and passions. As we continue to speak to clients in the nonprofit space and learn about their engagement needs, we are also looking to expand our team! We are looking for people from a variety of backgrounds, with an interest in community engagement and international development.

If you are interested in being a part of DSO, you can find more information on our website.

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