The Qualities and Quirks of a Dream Team

I think a lot about Dream Team and the qualities and quirks that play out in a Dream Team.

I am lucky to have been on a few Dream Teams growing up until now. With people that can believe even more than you do, know how you are feeling before you even figure out how to express it, can seamlessly think and do bold together, pick up on each other’s subtleties, accentuate each other’s strengths, embrace each other’s failures, call you out and call you in, celebrate you in all your quirkiness, challenge you and challenge the norm, motivate you to be the best you, and drive you absolutely insane.

Put simply, those who will always be here, for your whole self, even when you don’t realize it.

This one goes out to my whole DSO Dream Team, each of you may relate to one, some, or none of these. Know that I’m so happy to be with you.

The Fierce Imaginer

This is the person that helps us believe we are ready to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. This is the person that makes us get all our crazy ideas out, get rid of the boundaries and get rid of the perceived constraints. We can now imagine a DSO that transforms the international development field and is relied upon as a strong global contributor, because of our people, talent, passion, and approach.  

You may find it very difficult to wrap up a conversation with this person because it’s so much fun and productive.

Note: Don’t be surprised if The Fierce Imaginer is very consistent and un-imaginative with his/her food preferences. Loyalty is also to be respected.

The Silent Do-er

This is the person that listens well and does attentively, who naturally puts us at ease with him/her just being there. This person has an incredible amount of patience, can-do, and overall grit. Exponentially growing as an organization requires us to be internally organized and a step ahead. Because of our Silent Do-er, we learn to do a lot, fall back and fail often, and then go five steps ahead. Feeling good!<

Here’s a way to stay true to our “GSD” Get Sh*t Done ethos – listen and learn from her/him, The Silent Do-er.

Note:  There come times when the Silent Do-er, very understandably, is not so silent. These are moments we can only hope we are prepared for.

The Strengths Sparker

Conventionally, we may think that our strengths equate to our skills and abilities ex. “My strengths are writing, research, and communications,” or “I doubled our fundraising capacity.” Great, but why was said person actually able to accomplish this? In comes the Strengths Sparker – someone who cares about our personal and professional development. He/she is very insightful and makes us aware of our innate tendencies, such as the ones in this blog post.

When you interact with The Strengths Sparker, your are in for a fulfilling experience.

Note: Our Strengths Sparker would make Dumbledore proud: “It is our choices Harry that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” <

The Graceful Gatherer

This is the person who when we meet for the first time we feel as if we have known each other for a while. The Graceful Gatherer has a very natural way of bringing people together on a deeper level. She/he keeps spirits up and keeps us close to our impact. This person makes our retreats all the more engaging and memorable.

Bring in the Graceful Gatherer early on, the role is essential.

Note: Our Graceful Gatherer doesn’t need to be in a central location, she/he will make it happen regardless!

The Endless Energizer

This is the person who has the most pride in who we are, why we do what we do, and what we do. Her/his energy is contagious and keeps us in READY, SET, GO! mode. Our mission becomes her/his own mission. This person plays a significant role in pushing us to over-deliver on a client project.

Just send this person to rep at an event or out to recruit and magic happens.


The Tough Lover

Let’s keep it raw and real. This person helps us hold ourselves accountable to each other and to high standards of excellence. She/he is relentless about quality and keeps us in check. She/he will create and make sure there is a rapid feedback loop. We are becoming more and more intentional about this at DSO.

No action point here, the tough lover will make his/her stance known regardless of what you do and how you do it. 

Note: the ” : – | ” expression means listen to yourself, does that really make sense to you? Don’t mess with the tough lover especially when competing.

The Guilt Tripper

This person also helps us hold ourselves accountable to each other and to high standards of excellence. When we don’t do our best, The Guilt Tripper strikes a personal chord, not easy. But what’s amazing about our Guilt Tripper is his/her preemptiveness and proactiveness. Heart flopping, head-downing, self-questioning effect that results in us doing a 180 degree flip and stay that way. He/she garners a lot of respect and we want to live up to her/his expectations.

Bring in The Guilt Tripper wisely because she/he is very powerful.

Note: The Guilt Tripper cannot be swayed with baked goods or other acts of post-sincerity, so don’t even try.

To the Dream Team. These are wholesome humans. The best kind. I am keeping them close.

Contributed by Amy Badiani

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