Ashoka Changemakers

Ashoka Changemakers

Ashoka Changemakers is the world’s leading network of social innovators that, through collaborative competitions or “challenges,” connects high-potential changemakers, their ideas, and resources. With the mission “Everyone a Changemaker,” Ashoka Changemakers’ website is the portal through which social innovators around the world access people and resources to make their projects a reality. Changemakers is redesigning this portal and reached out to DSO to ensure that pages were easy to use, up to web standards, responsive, and consistent to make a fluid experience for the site’s diverse users.

What We Did:

DSO thoroughly evaluated existing content, conducted several user studies, met with end users to assess functionality, and produced increasingly detailed design deliverables (from wireframes to high fidelity mockups). As demonstrated through user studies and surveys to the Ashoka team, DSO’s deliverables incorporate Ashoka’s values and human feel into a usable structure that can be applied to the remaining pages of the site.


“We worked with DSO on redesign for the home page and a major landing page of our site (200 thousand + users, 1 million + visitors per year). In the redesign, we focused on updating the pages to reflect contemporary design standards while giving a human face to our organization. Our team from DSO carefully learned about our organization’s mission, history, and business objectives. They provided timely updates on their design and were responsive to difficult feedback. The end product was aesthetic, functional, and reflected our brand positively. Having worked with other professional design firms, we rate our relationship with DSO the most friendly, productive, and enjoyable in recent years.” - Hao Zhu

Team: Jess Agüero and Hannah Salinas

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