Scholarship Plus

Sustainable and Growing Fundraising.
Scholarship Plus

Scholarship Plus currently operates under a “pod” fundraising system; a pod consists of seven donors who contribute one thousand dollars a year to a scholarship recipient for four years.

What We Did:

  • Conducted market research to understand current fundraising trends
  • Conducted analysis of current / past sponsors and current / past recipients
  • Recommended a marketing strategy to maximize outreach
  • Recommended a fundraising strategy to maximize sustainable Generation X and Millennial donations and involvement
  • Provided actionable steps to get involved with corporations
  • Redesigned the Scholarship Plus website for a cleaner and more attractive interface


“Scholarship Plus worked with DSO over a 5 month period. They designed a new website, created a marketing plan and fundraising strategy. I was very impressed by their professionalism, research ability and productivity. At the end of the process we were given an extensive plan on how to raise “brand awareness” and how to best target potential donors. We also now have a beautiful and contemporary website that DSO thoughtfully designed.  We are beyond excited to put their plans into action. Working with DSO has been such a gift to or small nonprofit, we are incredibly grateful.”

  • Kate Fenneman Stokes, Program Manager at Scholarship Plus

Team: Sheetal Laad, Maria Rymer, Kelly Mok, Nina Yoo, Sophia Cheng, Weikun Liang

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