Made by Survivors (now Her Future Coalition)

Made by Survivors (now Her Future Coalition)

Made by Survivors (MbS) is an organization that re-empowers women and children who have been captured and forced into sexual slavery, or born into brothel communities by helping them to attend school and teaching skills they can use to become independent individuals (primarily jewelry crafting). They have been in existence for 6 years with 250k in sales and 250k in grants empowering 10 shelters.

What We Did:

Currently, 90% of MbS sales come through their home grown e-commerce website. We are helping them increase revenue and sales of their jewelry by examining distribution/wholesale opportunities and then handling the technical/operations supply-chain implementation. This will help them have the money to construct additional shelters and rescue additional survivors.


”Over the past nine months, we have had the opportunity to work intensively with Development Solutions Organization on a comprehensive marketing plan utilizing cutting edge ecommerce, social marketing, and SEO techniques, as well as optimizing our offline distribution, social media, and fundraising strategies. We never imagined it would be possible for us as a nonprofit to have access to the same high level of business consulting that big corporations benefit from. Our engagement with DSO has truly transformed our business and we expect to be able to hire many more survivors as a result.

Made By Survivors has developed a model for fighting slavery and helping survivors of slavery to reintegrate that really works. Now we want to be able these opportunities to thousands – rather than hundreds – of survivors, and in order to do that we needed a strategy to sell more survivor-made products and increase profits. The DSO team first conducted a high level analysis of all our current systems, as well as comparing a variety of new approaches. Then they helped us to choose the directions which will get the best results fast. They are now working with us as we put these new plans into action, bringing their expertise in technology, marketing, and distribution.”

-Sarah Symons

Team: Lauren Swartz, Trisha Quan, Edwin Shao, Helena, Joy, Leslie, Gianni, Anthony, Joanne, Viria

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