Cameroon Football Development Program (CFDP)

Sport for Development
Cameroon Football Development Program (CFDP)

CameroonFDP is a sport-for-development registered nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Kumba, Cameroon. Its mission is to improve the lives of youth with the game of soccer. CameroonFDP works to promote education, gender equity, health, leadership and life skills through community sports by training coaches and creating opportunities for youth to play the game they love.

With support from FIFA Football Hope in 2016-2017, they operate educational youth soccer leagues to impact hundreds of youth in the Central African nation.

What We Did:

Identified target markets for sponsorship, including corporate and philanthropic foundations Examined trends in funding for nonprofits with involvement in sport in emerging countries Compared CameroonFDP to similar organizations to assess readiness for capital input and appropriate targets for investment Created donor profiles to guide CameroonFDP in tailoring future fundraising efforts Provided recommendations to pursue fundraising activities in risk vs reward format

Team: Andrea Salomon, Arlane Gordon-Bray, Shubhangam Tekriwal

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