Social Game Development for Peace

The Disrupt Project seeks to create a game that incentivizes online disruption of pro-Islamic State (IS) messaging and propaganda through the generation of pro-peace content. It was led by Derek Caelin and Giselle Lopez of the US Institute of Peace’s PeaceTech Lab.

What We Did:

Helped with market research for the game in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA)

Reviewed the potential player and game demographics

Reviewed potential revenue models, along with marketing and social media best practices

Outlined current ISIS messaging along with counter extremism efforts

Recommended the best potential countries to launch the game


“DSO was wonderful to work with. The team helped us to refine our project concept - using game design and social media listening to incentivize online disruption of extremist messaging and amplify pro-peace narratives. To better understand our audience and the market, DSO conducted research on internet and mobile penetration, social media use, and the gaming industry across our region of interest. They also worked with us to identify key behaviors and trends that we would want to take into account. Their support was definitely beneficial to our efforts and we would be happy to work with them again!”

Team: Anthony Buchanan, Sonum Garg, Ellen Singer, Jesse Jacobs, Maxine Yao

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