Community Accelerator

This community enterprise builds linkages with potential allies and investors to create a portfolio of viable community enterprise projects with expert guidance which lowers investment risk. Some of their projects have included: fair trade Amazonian tea, community banks, an Andean Mezcal community enterprise, sustainable timber and Amazonian Solar river transport.

What We Did:

Reviewed Best Practices for an inaugural PlanJunto Community Accelerator  Outlined business models and analyzed existing organizations with aligned missions Reviewed potential revenue models and recommendations for financially sustainable growth Provided considerations for intellectual property strategy in the Community Accelerator Highlighted Prioritization and Go-to-Market strategy for PlanJunto


“I was very happy with the market research and business model analysis that the DSO team provided for PlanJunto. We were supported by a diverse team with broad experience on a range of technical issues that we do not have in-house. This allowed us gain access to knowledge and tailored advice that would ordinarily not have been within our reach."

– Wain Collen, Director Ejecutivo, PlanJunto

Team: Anthony Buchanan, Srujana Penumetcha, Anamika Modawal, Karthik Kumar, Abishek Shah, Edgar Ortiz, Izma Shabbir, Luke Butcher, Maxine Yao

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