A Touch of Understanding

Organizational Expansion Strategies
A Touch of Understanding

What We Did:

  • Researched how other similar programs and organizations have scaled up
  • Helped ATOU prioritize and use our insight during their 10-year goal setting meeting with the board
  • Evaluated different expansion strategies and suggested which one to focus on which would provide the most sustainable financial model and allow for ATOU to apply the other expansion models in the future


“DSO provides a rare and valuable opportunity for both non-for-profit agencies and university students to work together to increase the impact the agencies have on society. On behalf of the children we serve through A Touch of Understanding, we are grateful for the product we received outlining possible expansion models to help us reach more students with our disability-awareness programs, fostering the development social emotional intelligence, by building empathy and igniting respect for all individuals.”

– Leslie DeDora, Executive Direction and Founder, ATOU

Team: Deena Kim, Anna von Wendorff, Virginia Rose La Puma, Evelyn Tavares Colunga, Christiana Lee, Angela Luo, Steven Michael Wang

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