Family Crisis Center of Baltimore

Data Management
Family Crisis Center of Baltimore

The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County, Inc. provides essential and life-saving services to family members experiencing conflict and family violence. The staff includes volunteers, as well as licensed professionals and seasoned specialists working in consultation with each family member to decrease conflict and violence and to improve the overall functioning of each family member. They focus on an equal relationship between staff and clients seeking services, supporting clients in using their internal resources and capacity to find and determine solutions to their problems, in consultation with a service provider of the Center. The Family Crisis Center provides the only on-site, anonymous emergency safe shelter services to adult and child victims of domestic violence for up to 90 days, transitional shelter services to qualified victims of domestic violence up to 6 months, victim advocate services, individual and family counseling services, and abuser intervention services to perpetrators of family violence.

What We Did:

Performed Analysis of Vendors to assess as candidates for the hotline and BFCC in general

Reviewed current state (mainly paper-based) processes and procedures and provided suggested improvements

Highlighted system implementation considerations and provided foundational User Stories for BFCC Hotline Case Management solution


“DSO provided our organization with technological expertise and a unique lens from which to evaluate our current processes. The DSO team helped us practically think about what each role needs from a data management system and envision a system that could assist people to do their jobs more effectively.”

– Elena Hampton-Stover, LGSW – Baltimore County Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Hotline Coordinator

Team: Anthony Buchanan, Daniel Han, Karthik Kumar, Abishek Shah

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