Global Health Media Project

Developing a Sustainable Business Model to Maximize Global Impact
Global Health Media Project

What We Did:

Analyzed the markets GHMP serves, and outlined its value proposition & differentiation  Investigated other comparable business models in the space Conducted data analysis on GHMP downloads and usage demographics, and created data visualization Mapped the value chain to determine where GHMP could extract value for its work Conducted primary & secondary research with potential customers and partnership orgs to document willingness to pay Analyzed expected financial payout of different business models & developed impact vs. effort matrix Developed an Excel financial model estimating the revenue to be generated from each business model Delivered final recommended business model, strategies going forward and implementation timeline

Team: Lauren Swartz, Anjana Tayi, Saurabh Sanghvi, Minkee Sohn, Sonal Goyal, Radhika Kapoor

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